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0000112mercuryBugpublic2009-10-12 23:182009-10-17 06:10
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Summary0000112: set_* modules inconsistent
Descriptionset_bbbtree, set_ordlist, and set_unordlist all have a predicate member(T, set(T)) with modes semidet and nondet, and a predicate contains(set(T), T) with mode semidet.

set_tree234 reverses the order of the arguments of member relative to these three modules, and set_ctree234 drops member and provides instead one_member(set(T), T) with only mode nondet.

At the very least the order of arguments to set_tree234.member should be reversed, or the predicate renamed.
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2009-10-12 23:20   
Whoops, meant to say same applies to insert, delete, etc.
2009-10-13 00:55   
The inconsistency in the argument orderings is deliberate in the sense that the set_tree234
orderings are what we want (because they are more uesful with higher-order programming),
the versions in the other set modules will eventually be changed to conform to this; but not
until after the next stable release.
2009-10-13 02:37   
OK, good to know, thanks.
2009-10-17 06:10   
The argument orderings will be modified sometime after the 0.14 release.

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