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0000139mercuryBugpublic2010-03-23 11:252010-03-23 11:25
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Summary0000139: If mercury is installed in a directly with a '+' symbol in it's name, then mkinit will not work.
Using the recent 10.04 beta release I installed Mercury into /usr/local/mercury-10.04+beta1 (or similar). It installed correctly, and I created a symlink /usr/local/mercury to the installation directory because /usr/local/mercury/bin is in my $PATH.
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When I went to use mmc --make to compile a program. mkinit failed to find the .init files for the standard library and runtime (IIRC). Double quotes had been put around the path at some stage, but mkinit was literally trying to open a "/usr/local/mercury-10.04+beta1/..." with the double quotes as part of the file name. The ellipsis represents the actual path which I don't recall.
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