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0000153mercuryBugpublic2010-06-28 14:062010-07-06 23:51
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Summary0000153: toc in pdf user's guide is empty
DescriptionThe TOC in the pdf version of the user's guide is empty.
This was reported against rotd-2010-06-23.
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2010-07-03 17:59   
This is caused when the user_guide.pdf make rule is executed
before the user_guide.dvi_log rule. pdftexi executes tex only once, therefore
it is not able to generate the TOC. Executing the .dvi_log rule before the
.pdf rule solves this problem because texinfo (used to create the .dvi) runs
tex the correct number of times.
2010-07-03 18:09   
Committed fix to CVS.
2010-07-03 18:10   
Julien, can you include this fix in 10.04?
2010-07-06 23:51   
Merged onto 10.04 branch as well.

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