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0000158mercuryBugpublic2010-08-18 14:312010-08-19 17:36
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Summary0000158: char constants do not unify
DescriptionFor some reason, this code:

if det_from_int(255) = '\xFF\' then print("succeed\n", !IO) else print("fail\n", !IO)

prints "fail". This code however:

if 255 = to_int('\xFF\') then print("succeed\n", !IO) else print("fail\n", !IO)

prints "succeed" as expected.
Additional InformationMercury 10.04, Debian Linux 32-bit
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Attached Files? charbug.m (326) 2010-08-18 14:31

2010-08-18 15:32   
Thanks. This bug affects 8-bit character literals in low-level C grades.

The LLDS doesn't differentiate between integer and character constants, and the 0xff character ends up in the C source code as (MR_Integer)255 instead of (MR_Char)255. MR_Char is signed (depends on the compiler) so we end up comparing 255 with -1.

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