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0000016mercuryBugpublic2007-10-05 16:262007-10-18 16:20
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Summary0000016: doc: description of float token wrong
DescriptionAccording to the current definition of the float token in the Mercury Reference manual, 1.0E-3 is not a float token (unless `-' is considered a "decimal digit"; which it isn't according to every authority I can think of):

  @item float
  A floating point literal consists of a sequence of decimal digits,
  a decimal point and a sequence of digits (the fraction part), and
  the letter @samp{E} and another sequence of decimal digits (the exponent).
  The fraction part or the exponent (but not both) may be omitted.

Please insert

  and an optional sign (@samp{+} or @samp{-})

after {E}. Please also consider inserting

  (or @samp{e})


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2007-10-15 22:58   
I've posted a diff that fixes this.
2007-10-18 16:20   
r1.409 of doc/reference_manual.texi fixes this.

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