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0000163mercuryBugpublic2010-09-10 11:142018-03-13 14:38
Assigned Topbone 
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Summary0000163: mdprof_cgi (deep profiler webserver) seems to lock up and leave processes running that should have timed out.
DescriptionSince setting up the deep profiler demo on taura I've noticed that deep profiler pages sometimes refused to be displayed, my browser waits forever for them.

At the same time taura appears to be running many, many mdprof_cgi processes, killing them, and sometimes restarting apache temporarily fixes the problem.
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2010-09-10 11:16   
I think that if the mdprof_cgi daemon processes dies due to an exception that the CGI process that is waiting for it fails to time-out/report the exception.
2011-02-02 13:10   
I've lowered the priority and reproducibility of this bug. I haven't seen it for a while - it may exist but I'm not sure.
2011-11-02 14:22   
This bug has stuck again, the problem with fixing it is that we don't really know how to cause it to happen.
2018-03-13 14:38   
Unassigned things from me.

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