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0000179mercuryBugpublic2011-01-18 12:432011-01-18 14:54
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Summary0000179: csharp grade library compilation failure on MinGW / MSYS with MS C# compiler
DescriptionCompilation of the standard library in the csharp grade on MinGW / MSYS using the
Microsoft C# compiler results in:

Mercury\css\array.cs(12,110: errror CS1578: Filename, single-line comment or end-of-line expected
(plus lots more similar messages)

This C# compiler is:

Microsoft (R) Visual C# 2010 Compiler version 4.0.30319.1

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2011-01-18 12:46   
The problem here is that the filename used in a line directive must be quoted, e.g.

#line 12 "array.m"

and we don't do that.

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