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0000182mercuryBugpublic2011-02-02 14:002011-02-02 14:00
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Summary0000182: Segfaults could be reported better.
In low-level C grades it's possible to detect if a segfault is caused by a stack-overrun, in which case the runtime system can report that it is either definitely or definitely-not due to unbounded/deep recursion. There appears to be code to do this but I haven't seen it work.

If we can fix this then we should fix the default message in low-level C grades.
The default message says something like.
"...this is probably due to unbounded tail recursion...",
we shouldn't suggest this if we know the segfault is not due to a stack overrun since this only confuses users, making them blame Mercury when it's more likely to be a problem with foreign code they're linking with.
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