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0000189mercuryBugpublic2011-03-16 04:352011-03-16 17:10
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Summary0000189: foreign_enum is not 64-bit safe
DescriptionThe definition of MR_ForeignEnumFunctorDesc in mercury_type_info.h assumes a 32-bit word size. This causes problems with foreign enum values which have bit 31 set, as their Mercury counterparts are incorrectly sign-extended, causing matching to fail.
Additional InformationAs a workaround, one can cast foreign enum values to MR_int_least32_t before passing to Mercury.
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2011-03-16 17:10   
Fix committed. The field in MR_ForeignEnumFunctorDesc should have had type MR_Integer,
not MR_int_least32_t.

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