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0000190mercuryBugpublic2011-03-17 12:402011-03-18 15:09
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Summary0000190: solver type constraint_store declaration has trouble unifying imported types
DescriptionIf a solver type constraint_store declares a mutable of an imported type (say list), it fails trying to unify the unqualified type name with the qualified version (e.g. list(int) with list.list(int)).
Additional InformationA workaround is to prefix the type name in the mutable declaration.

The bug does not occur in normal mutable declarations.
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Attached Files? mutable_bug.m (222) 2011-03-17 12:40

2011-03-17 14:25   
The problem here is that module qualification skips the constraint_store attribute.
2011-03-17 14:57   
More info: this seems also to occur with locally defined types and equivalence types (equivalences aren't checked).
2011-03-17 16:39   
I've committed the a fix for the first problem. The second problem is due to equivalence
types in the constraint_store attribute not being expanded; I'm presently testing
a fix for that.
2011-03-18 15:09   
A fix for the problem with equivalence type expansion in constriant_store atttributes
has been committed as well.

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