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0000201mercuryBugpublic2011-06-11 12:312011-06-11 12:31
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Summary0000201: tests/par_conj/cosume_wait blocks before exiting.
Descriptiontests/par_conj/cosume_wait blocks before exiting.

This is repeatable (intermittently) on taura running with MERCURY_OPTIONS=-P4
The test fails sometimes during the nightly tests (the system is doing other work) and when ran in the day time while the system is relatively unused.

When this locks up it also seems to lock up gdb, making it difficult to diagnose.
Using MR_DEBUG_THREADS and some reporting from gdb I have determined that all the worker threads finish, the main thread either has finished or is ready to finish but one of Boehm's threads is still running. Therefore I think this may be a problem with the Boehm GC.
Additional InformationIt may be possible to work around this bug by executing it with GC_MARKERS=1
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