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Summary0000210: Language Reference confuses maybeskel and listskel in "Insts, modes, and mode definitions"
DescriptionIn section 4.1 (Insts, modes, and mode definitions) of the Mercury Language Reference Manual there is the following text:

For example, the following declaration

     :- inst maybeskel(Inst) ---> no ; yes(Inst).

defines the inst ‘listskel(Inst)’ to be a list skeleton whose elements have inst ‘Inst’; you can the use insts such as ‘listskel(listskel(free))’, which represents the instantiation state of a list of lists of free variables.

The declared inst (maybeskel) doesn't match the description (listskel).

There is also a typo in the description: "can the use" should be "can then use".
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2011-08-19 01:21   
Fixed in r1.469 of doc/reference_manual.texi.

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