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0000215mercuryBugpublic2011-09-05 14:372011-09-05 14:50
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Summary0000215: Documentation of assoc_list.filter/4 is missing the TrueList argument
DescriptionIn the first line of the documentation of assoc_list.filter/4 there is a missing argument, TrueList, which should appear between List and FalseList:

    % assoc_list.filter(Pred, List, FalseList) takes a closure with one
    % input argument and for each member K - V of List X, calls the closure
    % on the key. K - V is included in TrueList iff Pred(K) is true.
    % K - V is included in FalseList iff Pred(K) is false.
:- pred assoc_list.filter(pred(K)::in(pred(in) is semidet),
    assoc_list(K, V)::in, assoc_list(K, V)::out, assoc_list(K, V)::out) is det.
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