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0000221mercuryBugpublic2011-10-11 10:092011-10-24 16:19
Assigned Tomaclarty 
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Summary0000221: ho specialization bug
DescriptionThe attached program produces the wrong output when compiled with --optimize-higher-order. It should output "ho2", but instead outputs "ho1". In do_stuff it is specializing P to ho1, when it shouldn't. Here is the relevant bit of the hlds dump for stage 135:

:- mode do_stuff((, (builtin.di), (builtin.uo)) is det.
bug.do_stuff(Maybe, STATE_VARIABLE_IO_0, STATE_VARIABLE_IO) :-
  ( % cannot_fail switch on `Maybe'
    % Maybe has functor
    P = bug.ho1
    % Maybe has functor maybe.yes/1
    P = bug.get_ho2
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