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0000232mercuryBugpublic2011-11-24 11:162015-11-02 16:07
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Summary0000232: The thread pinning code in the parallel runtime doesn't work on older Linux systems.
There are two alternatives for the thread pinning code in Mercury's Parallel low-level C runtime. hwloc() and sched_setaffinity(). When libhwloc is not available sched_setaffinity will be used. Later versions of glibc provide several
macros to manipulate bitsets for use with sched_setaffinity, some or all of these macros may be unavailable on some systems. Currently mercury expects all the macros to be available whenever sched_setaffinity is available - which is not the case on older versions of glibc (such as on RHEL 5).

Furthermore, Non-linux OSs that support sched_setaffinity may also have problems.

To work-around this issue install libhwloc.
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