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0000024mercuryBugpublic2007-10-31 15:562007-10-31 17:45
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Summary0000024: Debugger commands inconsistant with help message.
DescriptionDuring a debugging session the "help forwards" information message describes a command called "fail" which dosn't appear to be supported. I don't know if it's supposed to work or not.
Additional Informationmdb> help forward
forward - Commands that move execution forward.
             The forward commands are `step', `goto', `next', `finish',
             `fail', `exception', `return', `user, `forward',
             `mindepth', `maxdepth' and `continue'.

mdb> fail
Unknown command `fail'. Give the command `help' for help.

The command 'help fail' returns the main help page.
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2007-10-31 16:31   
It's not mentioned in the user's guide but there is code to implement it
in the trace library, in trace/mercury_trace_cmd_forward.[ch], although
the code to enable that command in trace/mercury_trace_internal.c has
been omitted. It's easy to fix, either enable it properly or delete it.
It's just a question of which one.
2007-10-31 16:58   
zs said it should exist. I'll post a fix for this problem shortly.
2007-10-31 17:45   
The current implementation of the `fail' command is buggy which is
why some of the documentation was already commented out. I've
removed the rest of the user visible documentation, i.e. the reference
to it from mdb's help message.

I've added to fail to mdb's internal table of commands, so that developers
can use it if they wish.

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