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0000025mercuryBugpublic2007-11-01 14:242007-11-01 14:29
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Summary0000025: tabling of predicates with type class constraints causes an internal compiler error
Description$ mmc --make table_tc
Making Mercury/int3s/table_tc.int3
Making Mercury/ints/
Making Mercury/cs/table_tc.c
Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: table_gen.m: Unexpected: gen_lookup_call_for_type: typeclass_info_type
Stack dump not available in this grade.
** Error making `Mercury/cs/table_tc.c'.
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Attached Files? table_tc.m (369) 2007-11-01 14:24

2007-11-01 14:29   
This is a known problem. Basically, tabling of predicates with
type class constraints will not work until we change the compiler
not to pack type_infos into typeclass_infos.

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