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0000252mercuryBugpublic2012-02-02 10:292012-02-13 13:52
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Summary0000252: mmc --make doesn't respect the -j flag when building the .cs, .javas or .css target
DescriptionIf you issue the command

mmc --make -j4 lib.cs

then each C/Java/C# file is built sequentially, however if you do

mmc --make -j4 liblib

then the C/Java/C# files are built in parallel
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2012-02-10 15:19   
The build_all targets don't invoke foldl2_maybe_stop_at_error rather than
foldl2_maybe_stop_at_error_maybe_parallel, so the end up ignoring the -j option.
(I think the fix is to replace the former with the latter -- I am testing that now.)
2012-02-13 13:52   
I've committed a partial fix for this that works with everything but the standard library,
for some reason.

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