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0000258mercuryBugpublic2012-06-22 14:432012-06-23 04:05
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Summary0000258: csharp grade is broken with rotd-2012-06-19
DescriptionCompilation of the library in the csharp grade fails with rotd-2012-06-19
due to:

** Error making `mer_std.dll'.
Mercury/css/exception.cs(413,98): error CS0030: Cannot convert type `int' to `object[]'
Mercury/css/exception.cs(4365,62): error CS0030: Cannot convert type `int' to

This occurs with both Mono and the MS C# compiler.

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2012-06-22 14:50   
Actually, the java grade is broken too,

Making Java class files
Mercury/javas/jmercury/ class expected
    MR_scalar_common_3[0] = new exception.Exception_result_1.Succeeded_1(((java.lang.Object) (/* tuple */ java.lang.Object[].K0)));

Mercury/javas/jmercury/ class expected
       /* tuple */ java.lang.Object[] V_2_2 = /* tuple */ java.lang.Object[].K0;
2012-06-23 04:05   
Fixed -- the problem was caused by the recent change to handling of arity-zero tuples in

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