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0000027mercuryBugpublic2007-11-12 15:352007-11-14 15:02
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Summary0000027: Type var in instance declaration can cause compiler to crash
DescriptionThe compiler crashes when compiling the following code:

:- module instance_var_bug.
:- interface.
:- typeclass tc(T) where [ pred p(T::in) is semidet ].
:- implementation.
:- instance tc(V) where [ p(_) :- semidet_true ].

The bug is that the instance argument is a variable, but this is not being caught.
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2007-11-12 16:11   
The compiler is checking that the instance declarations don't contain
type variables. The problem is that it doesn't do this check until
*after* the code that causing this abort is executed. Fixing this
should just be a matter of either re-ordering some of the checks in
2007-11-14 15:02   
Fixed. See r1.116 of compiler/check_typeclass.m for details.

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