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0000284mercuryBugpublic2013-05-09 14:262013-05-10 10:35
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Summary0000284: Diff sample crashes in erlang grade
DescriptionBuilding the diff program in samples/diff in the erlang grade using

   $ mmc --grade erlang --make diff

and then running:

   $ ./diff diff.m file.m

results in:

{"init terminating in do_boot",{undef,[{file,path_eval,[[".","/Users/jfischer"],".erlang"],[]},{c,f_p_e,2,[{file,"c.erl"},{line,474}]},{init,eval_script,8,[]},{init,do_boot,3,[]}]}}
Steps To ReproduceThis was with OTP-R16B on Mac OS 10.8. (Using Mercury 13.05-beta-2013-05-09).
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2013-05-10 10:35   
Seems to be a module name conflict due to file.m. I don't know enough about erlang to suggest a solution.

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