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0000316mercuryBugpublic2014-02-05 18:112014-02-05 18:33
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Summary0000316: Declared `det', inferred `semidet'. --- [H|T] first argument input
DescriptionThis function compiles, except for det error.
In this case, I really need det, not semidet, otherwise callers including main will not work.

:- pred charToStrLst(list(char), list(string), list(string)).
:- mode charToStrLst(in, in, out) is det.
charToStrLst([H | T], Accum, LstStr) :- % [H|T] can fail
    (if list.is_empty([H|T])
    LstStr = Accum
    format("%c", [c(H)], Str),
     charToStrLst(T, [Str | Accum], LstStr)

All I needed to accomplish is convert, e.g., "foo" to ["f", "o", "o"].

longCommSubseq.m:097: In `charToStrLst'(in, in, out):
longCommSubseq.m:097: error: determinism declaration not satisfied.
longCommSubseq.m:097: Declared `det', inferred `semidet'.
longCommSubseq.m:098: In argument 1 of clause head:
longCommSubseq.m:098: unification of `HeadVar__1' and `list.[H | T]' can
longCommSubseq.m:098: fail.
% Program contains determinism error(s).
Steps To Reproduce mmc --make --fully-strict -E -v -O 0 --use-subdirs longCommSubseq
Additional InformationSee attached file.
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Attached Files? longCommSubseq.m (4,585) 2014-02-05 18:11

2014-02-05 18:32   
The predicate charToStrLst/3 does not have a clause that matches the case where the first
argument is the empty list, which it would need in order to be det.

One way of making the above predicate det is:

charToStrLst([], Accum, Accum).
charToStrLst([H | T], Accum, LastStr) :-
     Str = string.from_char(H),
     charToStrLst(T, [Str | Accum], LastStr)

(Aside: you can use string.from_char/1 to convert characters into strings;
there's no need to use format/3).

Alternatively, you the above predicate could be written as the following function:

    :- func charToStrLst(list(char)) = list(string).

    charToStrLst(Chars) =, Chars).

In short, the error reported by the compiler here is correct and there isn't a bug.

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