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0000329mercuryBugpublic2014-05-11 14:092014-05-13 15:33
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Summary0000329: Uncaught Mercury exception:
Description-library-version 1.0.2411.0 --host-env-type posix --target-env-type posix --unboxed-float -O2 --make --fully-strict -E -v -O 6 --use-subdirs --search-lib-files-dir . --init-file stringCut_lib.init --link-object libstringCut_lib.a --compile-to-c --use-subdirs stringCut'
Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: map.lookup: key not found
    Key Type: string
    Key Value: "cutInfo"
    Value Type: tree234.tree234(parse_tree.prog_data.type_ctor, hlds.hlds_data.hlds_type_defn)
% Touching `Mercury/err_dates/stringCut.err_date'... done.
% Parsing module `stringCut' and imported interfaces...
% Module qualifying items...
% done.
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... error appears

Any ideas? Help would be appreciated.
stringCut_lib.m compiles OK
stringCut.m did compile this morning. Added cutInfo tracking.
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duplicate of 0000017resolved zs no error for unknown types in interface if defined in implementation 
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2014-05-12 18:05   
The interface of stringCut_lib mentions the type cutInfo but does not export it as an abstract type, i.e.

:- type cutInfo.

It is surprising that the compiler does not report an error.
2014-05-12 21:27   
Indeed, it works, i.e., compile and links, now!
Thank so much.

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