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0000034mercuryBugpublic2008-01-03 04:522008-01-03 04:52
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Summary0000034: confusing error message in lambda function (but good message in predicate version)
DescriptionThe attached code has two routines, both exhibit the same error (unsatisfied uniqueness). However, only the 'pred' closure reports a reasonable error message. The 'func' version is just confusing:

confusing_message.m:001: Warning: interface for module `confusing_message' does
confusing_message.m:001: not export anything.
confusing_message.m:012: In clause for `nice_message(out)':
confusing_message.m:012: in argument 1 of call to predicate
confusing_message.m:012: `confusing_message.read_outcome'/3:
confusing_message.m:012: mode error: variable `COutcomes' has
confusing_message.m:012: instantiatedness `ground',
confusing_message.m:012: expected instantiatedness was `unique'.
confusing_message.m:020: In clause for `confusing_message(out)':
confusing_message.m:020: in argument 1 of call to function `int.fold_down'/4:
confusing_message.m:020: mode error: variable `V_7' has instantiatedness
confusing_message.m:020: `free',
confusing_message.m:020: expected instantiatedness was `(func((ground >>
confusing_message.m:020: ground), (ground >> ground)) = (free >> ground) is
confusing_message.m:020: det)'.

Best wishes in the new year,
  yours Ondrej.
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