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0000348mercuryBugpublic2014-07-18 15:072015-07-08 13:15
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Summary0000348: Failure of tests/general/string_format_special_floats with MSVC
DescriptionWhen using MSVC as a C compiler, the test case tests/general/string_format_special_float fails as the MS libc doesn't appear to
implement the C99 behaviour for printing nan, inf etc.

With VS2012 we get:

Plus Infinity:
                  %e: failure '1.#INF00
                  %f: failure '1.#INF00
                  %g: failure '1.#INF'
                  %E: failure '1.#INF00
                  %F: failure ''
                  %G: failure '1.#INF'
Minus Infinity:
                  %e: failure '-1.#INF0
                  %f: failure '-1.#INF0
                  %g: failure '-1.#INF'
                  %E: failure '-1.#INF0
                  %F: failure ''
                  %G: failure '-1.#INF'
Not a number:
                  %e: failure '-1.#IND0
                  %f: failure '-1.#IND0
                  %g: failure '-1.#IND'
                  %E: failure '-1.#IND0
                  %F: failure ''
                  %G: failure '-1.#IND'

We should probably check for special float values before calling sprintf
and just handle them directly using Mercury. (This would also avoid some
inconsistencies in the output of these tests due to do differences in C
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2014-07-18 15:46   
The same problem also affects tests/hard_coded/write_float_special.
2014-07-18 16:23   
For what it's worth, NaNs were printed on AIX as "NaNQ", where 'Q' stands for quiet.
2014-07-18 17:01   
C99 says they should be printed as: nan, -nan, nan(...) or -nan(...) where "..." is an implementation-defined sequence of letters, digits or underscores. (Or in uppercase if %F is used.)
2014-08-06 10:37   
I intend to address this one by checking for, and handling, inf and nan (although nan should really cause an exception to be thrown) in Mercury rather than relying on sprintf. Even with C99 there are too many annoying little differences in how inf and nan are handled. Dealing with Java and C# just complicates things further.
2015-07-08 13:15   
Fixed in commit 4e15777.

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