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0000364mercuryBugpublic2014-10-01 16:252014-10-07 11:37
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionDebian jessie
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Summary0000364: Autoparallelisation analysis crashes on nondet disjunctions.
DescriptionMatthias Guedemann submitted this bug via e-mail in September 2014.

> mdprof_create_feedback chokes on the created file. I always
> get the error:
> ,----
> | Uncaught Mercury exception:
> | Software Error: measurements: predicate `measurements.check_total_calls'/3: Unexpected: TotalCalls \= CallsA + CallsB
> | Stack dump not available in this grade.
> `----
> when using
> % mdprof_create_feedback --implicit-parallelism
Steps To Reproduce
  --deep-profiling --profile-for-feedback

mdprof_create_feedback --implicit-parallelism
Additional InformationI'd like to attempt to explain what's happening, this may be pretty detailed
so feel free to ignore it, I'm mostly explaining this to myself :-).

The autoparallelisation analysis scans your whole program for places where
parallelism could help (it skips parts of the program where it's obvious
that it won't help). It crashes when it looks in
euler_81_82_83_problem_set.euler_edge_81/4 which is nondeterminisic. It
tries to calculate the cost of every goal including the disjunction as a
whole, however it assumes that the disjunction is either a switch or a
"semidet disjunction" which is another special case. This incorrect
assumption causes the analysis to crash (because a consistency check fails).
It might be possible to comment out the consistency check, but then I'd be
concerned that something else would crash because of the same faulty
assumption. I'll see if I can fix the bug in the next week or so.
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Attached Filestgz euler.tgz (1,145,111) 2014-10-01 16:25

2014-10-07 11:37   
Fixed in revision: 4a431556b5b63e2f04de272684dd5abca18e86e0

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