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0000394mercuryBugpublic2015-09-20 01:432015-10-14 10:12
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Summary0000394: Building compiler with --use-mmc-make broken (rotd-2015-09-18)
DescriptionBuilding the compiler in the hlc.gc or java grade using rotd-2015-09-18 and --use-mmc-make results in the following error:

Making Mercury/cs/hlds.passes_aux.c
Making Mercury/cs/hlds.pred_table.c
Making Mercury/cs/hlds.quantification.c
Error opening file `Mercury/opts/hlds.quantification.opt.tmp' for output: can't append to file: No such file or directory** Error making `Mercury/cs/hlds.quantification.c'.
/var/folders/pd/5lypc6_j3vnf65q9x5y9s3p40000gn/T//mmake.D1F8M2:1421: recipe for target 'top_level' failed
gmake[1]: *** [top_level] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/Users/jfischer/Mercury-Workspaces/mercury.local-5/compiler'
/var/folders/pd/5lypc6_j3vnf65q9x5y9s3p40000gn/T//mmake.cjoMVE:1073: recipe for target 'compiler' failed
gmake: *** [compiler] Error 2
Additional InformationCommenting the line that enables --optimize-unused-args for the hlds.quantification module in compiler/Mercury.options is a workaround.
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2015-10-14 10:12   
This was fixed by commit 4eab5db.

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