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0000442mercuryBugpublic2017-11-13 14:042017-11-13 14:04
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionOracle 7
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Summary0000442: Building compiler with -j4 and --use-mmc-make fails
DescriptionDoing a parallel build of the compiler (-j4) with --use-mmc-make fails,
the first error is:

    Making Mercury/int3s/term_io.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/ops.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/string.format.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/string.format.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/string.parse_runtime.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/string.parse_runtime.int3
    Making Mercury/int3s/string.parse_util.int3
    ** Error making `Mercury/int3s/string.parse_runtime.int3'.
    cp: cannot stat ‘Mercury/int3s/string.parse_runtime.int3.tmp’: No such file or directory
    Error creating `Mercury/int3s/string.parse_runtime.int3': can't open input file: No such file or directory
    Error: problem updating interface files.
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