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0000443mercuryBugpublic2017-11-15 16:302017-11-15 16:30
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Summary0000443: Segmentation fault in high-level C .par.trseg grades
DescriptionThe attached program causes a segmentation fault when compiled in the
grade hlc.par.gc.trseg. Thread local trailing has been supported since commit 1d50d41; I suspect it was broken for the high-level C backend when spawn_native/4 was implemented (based on the lack of any reference to trailing in library/thread.m.). The attached program is fine in asm_fast.par.gc.trseg.stseg.

Reported against rotd-2015-11-21. Occurs in the current ROTD (2017-11-15).
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Attached Files? test.m (442) 2017-11-15 16:30

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