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0000445mercuryBugpublic2018-01-24 16:572018-03-19 15:19
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Summary0000445: __builtin_bswap16/32 support
DescriptionDetect support for __builtin_bswap{16,32} in configure, or figure out the earliest version of gcc/clang that support those builtins on relevant platforms.

e.g. the builtins are unavailable in gcc 4.2.1 on OpenBSD 6.2 (which is stuck on an old gcc for ideological reasons). It may be that we should only support clang on OpenBSD.
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2018-01-24 17:54   
(Last edited: 2018-01-24 17:56)
bswap32 and bswap64 first appeared in GCC 4.3.
bswap16 first appeared in GCC 4.8.

They are *not* listed among the platform specific builtins so I would assume
they are available on all platforms from those versions onward.

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