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0000484mercuryFeature Requestpublic2019-09-18 23:002020-01-24 17:56
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Summary0000484: error message could be more specific
DescriptionThe error message is
bug484.m:018: In clause for `p(in, out, out)':
bug484.m:018: in call to predicate `list.foldl'/4:
bug484.m:018: mode error: arguments `V_8, As, X, B' have the following insts:
bug484.m:018: /* unique */ (pred(in, in, out) is det),
bug484.m:018: free,
bug484.m:018: ground,
bug484.m:018: free
bug484.m:018: which does not match any of the modes for predicate
bug484.m:018: `list.foldl'/4.

It should point that it is only the second argument whose mode is wrong.
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2020-01-24 17:56   
Error message improved on 2020 jan 24.

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