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0000495mercuryBugpublic2020-02-04 14:022020-10-06 21:33
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Summary0000495: -O<n> options not additive
DescriptionThe -O<n> options are not additive in that they will reset certain options to default values, e.g. in

    mmc --optimise-constructor-last-call -O5 -C list.m

the --optimise-constructor-last-call option has no effect.

While the behaviour could be defended, I hit the problem trying to enable -O5 on the standard library by adding:


to Mmake.params. This silently disabled the --optimise-constructor-last-call option present in library/LIB_FLAGS. It turns out you need to write this instead:

    MCFLAGS += -O5
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2020-10-06 21:33   
Feature implemented by 2020 september 29.

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