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0000005mercuryBugpublic2007-09-27 23:392007-10-19 15:11
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Summary0000005: bad error message for state vars
DescriptionFrom Wed Aug 15 16:50:01 2007
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 16:51:13 +1000
From: Ondrej Bojar <>
Subject: bad error message for state vars


Here is an error message that wrongly reports the variable name:

oc_tree.m:015: Error: !FTFileName cannot appear as a unification argument.
oc_tree.m:015: You probably meant !.FTFileName or !:FTFileName.

where the actual error I made on that particular line was related to !D:

            !D =,

See the source code attached. (Other errors are correct.)

Thanks, Ondrej.

Ondrej Bojar ( /
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Attached Files? oc_tree.m (571) 2007-09-27 23:39

2007-10-19 15:11   
Fixed. See log message for revision 1.46 of compiler/add_clause.m.

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