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0000506mercuryFeature Requestpublic2020-05-01 17:222020-05-01 17:23
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Summary0000506: --recommend-order
DescriptionIt would be nice if the compiler could recommend an order for the predicates
(and functions) defined in a module. The order I am thinking of having the
compiler recommend would be computed as:

- Compute the SCCs of predicate call graph, each SCC containing
  a set of mutually recursive predicates.

- Compute the dependencies between SCCs as a tree
  that the following steps flatten to a list that is *consistent*
  with the tree, in the sense that if SCC A contains a call to something
  in SCC B, then have SCC A appear before SCC B in the list of SCCs.

- If the module contains N exported predicates, named e.g. Exported1
  through ExportedN, the compute the call tree of each exported predicate.
  (Consider each set of mutually-recursive exported predicates to be
  just one exported predicate, for simplicity of exposition in the following.)
  By the definition of SCCs, each call tree will contain either all the predicates
  in an SCC or none of them, so we can speak of each call tree as being
  composed of SCCs. Partition the SCCs into N+1 partitions, with partition I
  consisting of the SCCs that part of the call tree of *only* ExportedI,
  with the last partition consisting of the SCCs that are part of the call tree
  of more than one exported predicate. Put all the SCCs in each partition
  before all the SCCs in any later partitions.

- In each of the first N partitions, put the one containing the exported predicate(s)

- If the relative order of two SCCs in a partition is not determined by the rules
   above, order them by the line number of the context where the first reference
  to them occurs. (This may be a call to a predicate in the SCC, or the construction
  of a closure containing a reference to such a predicate.) This should yield
  a complete order of the SCCs that do contains some reference to them.
  The SCCs that have no such references contain dead code, and they should be
  reported as such.

- Within each non-dead SCC, put the exported predicates (if any) first, in order of
  the line numbers of their declarations. The nonexported predicates should follow,
  in the order of the line numbers of the first references to them. This should establish
  a complete order among the non-dead predicates.
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