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0000508mercuryBugpublic2020-05-17 01:312020-10-16 07:11
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Summary0000508: Type constructors that are also Mercury operators result in invalid .int3 files
DescriptionType constructors that are also Mercury operators (like rule or pragma) result in .int3 files the compiler cannot read back in. This is due to the operators not being escaped in :- type_representation items. For example, extras/moose/grammar.m contains a type named rule/0, which results in the following in the .int3 file

    :- type_representation(grammar.rule, is_word_aligned_ptr)

Currently, extras/moose and samples/muz cannot being compiled with the current ROTD.

(Also, why does the first argument of the type_representation item need to be module qualified?)

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2020-10-16 07:11   
Fix was committed 2020 may 17.

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