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0000051mercuryBugpublic2008-03-04 15:032013-09-09 16:22
Assigned Towangp 
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Summary0000051: abort during liveness detection
DescriptionThe attached file aborts during liveness detection with these options:

mmc -O2 --optimise-higher-order --optimise-constant-propagation --no-common-struct -C string2

(this is just a cut down string.m. The same thing happens with the full file.)

% Computing liveness in function `string2.foldr'/3 mode 0
Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: hlds_llds.m: Unexpected: goal_info_get_post_births: no code_gen_info
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Attached Files? string2.m (2,558) 2008-03-04 15:03

2013-09-09 16:22   
Fixed (I think) in d67f1f8. The test case is different.

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