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0000516mercuryBugpublic2020-08-04 11:342020-08-09 20:39
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Summary0000516: Failure of tests/general/mode_inference_reorder with recent ROTDs.
Descriptiontests/general/mode_interference_reorder aborts with an uncaught exception when compiled
with --intermodule-optimization -O5 using rotds 2020-07-30 through to 2020-08-01.

    Uncaught Mercury exception:
    Software Error: map.lookup: key not found
            Key Type: int
            Key Value: -1
            Value Type: hlds.hlds_pred.proc_info

The last working ROTD was 2020-07-29.
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2020-08-09 20:39   
A fix for this symptom was committed 2020 aug 8.

That diff documents the underlying problem but does not fix it,
since the problem occurs only in very rare circumstances, and
any proper fix would require work far out of proportion to its

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