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0000530mercuryFeature Requestpublic2021-02-26 18:032022-01-25 01:41
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Summary0000530: diagnose inapplicable insts in mode declarations
DescriptionThis is (or was) real code from library/hash_table.m:

:- pred update_item_in_bucket(K, V, hash_bucket(K, V), hash_bucket(K, V)).
:- mode update_item_in_bucket(in(hb_two_plus), in, in, out) is semidet
:- mode update_item_in_bucket(in, in, in, out) is semidet.

The in(hb_two_plus) was intended to be applied to the third argument,
the initial hash bucket, not to the key, whose type is unknown, and is
extremely unlikely to be a hash bucket of any size :-(

The compiler should check whether the modes of arguments in mode declarations
match the types (if any) of the corresponding arguments, and generate
error messages for any mismatches.
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2022-01-25 01:41   
Feature implemented on 2021 dec 30.

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