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0000531mercuryBugpublic2021-04-26 23:572021-04-27 00:17
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version20H2
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Summary0000531: 20.06.1 will not compile in MingW32 2013072200 w/gcc 9.2.0-2: gettimeofday is deprecated
DescriptionSeems to be no workaround for this or way to add the -W flag to disable it?
Steps To ReproduceInstall MSYS with latest gcc, flex and bison
Run configure and make on mercury
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2021-04-27 00:06   
(Last edited: 2021-04-27 00:17)
Creating a file named Mmake.params at the top-level of the source tree that contains the following
should workaround the problem:


(or whatever the appropriate -W option is in this case.)

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