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0000541mercuryBugpublic2021-12-22 00:392022-01-25 01:21
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Summary0000541: Standard lib compilation aborts in asm_fast.gc.profdeep.stseg with --intermod-opt -O5
DescriptionCompilation of a number of stdlib modules (bit_buffer, io, rtti_implementation, store, type_desc) fails with the following:

     Uncaught Mercury exception:
     Software Error: predicate `ll_backend.code_gen.generate_goal'/7: Unexpected: semidet model in det context
     Stack dump not available in this grade.

in grade asm_fast.gc.profdeep.stseg with --intermodule-optimization -O5.
This was with rotd-2021-12-19.
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2022-01-25 01:21   
Fix was committed 2022 jan 3.

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