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0000557mercuryBugpublic2022-04-11 01:082022-04-11 13:42
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Summary0000557: Ambiguous type causes compiler error without giving a useful error message for debugging
DescriptionMercury-Versions: 22.01 and rotd-2022-04-07

Two discriminated union types are defined in separate modules foo.m and bar.m and share the same name `ambiguous_type`. The module foo.m defines a record type of which one field has type `ambiguous_type`. A module qualification for the type of this record field is missing.

Actual result:
The compiler aborts with error and without giving a useful error message for debugging.

Expected result:
The compiler aborts with error, complaining about the missing module qualification for the ambiguous type.
Steps To ReproduceRun the attached test case (foo.m and bar.m)

mmc --make foo
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Attached Files? test-case.tar.xz (3,584) 2022-04-11 01:08

2022-04-11 13:42   
Fix committed 2022 apr 11.

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