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0000572mercuryBugpublic2024-02-19 10:442024-02-20 17:38
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Summary0000572: Code generator abort in debugging grades
DescriptionThe attached is a cut-down version of a program that causes an abort in debugging grades originally reported by Volker Wysk on the reviews list on 3 January 2024. Compiling it in a debugging grade results in:

Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: predicate `ll_backend.liveness.require_equal'/4: Unexpected: branches of if-then-else disagree on liveness
First: ArgDesc_3, Values_4, MDef_5, Default_6, TypeClassInfo_for_argument_21, TypeInfo_22_22
Rest: ArgDesc_3, Values_4, MDef_5, Default_6, TypeInfo_22_22
Steps To Reproducemmc -s asm_fast.gc.debug -C bug572.m

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Attached Files? bug572.m (2,643) 2024-02-19 10:44

2024-02-20 17:38   
Fix committed 2024 02 20.

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