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0000066mercuryBugpublic2008-07-07 14:472009-11-25 21:29
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Summary0000066: gcc 4.2 incompatibility
Descriptiongcc 4.2.3 on my x86-64 machine doesn't compile the Mercury compiler properly.
This is in asm_fast.gc grade.

% ./mercury_compile
Mercury.options:085: Warning: variable `GCC_SRC_DIR' is undefined.
mercury_compile: unrecognized option `-O'
Mercury Compiler, version DEV, configured for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Copyright (C) 1993-2008 The University of Melbourne
Usage: mmc [<options>] <arguments>
Use `mmc --help' for more information.

Note the "unrecognized option" message even when there are no arguments.
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related to 0000039resolved wangp gcc 4.1.2 on x86-64 miscompiles computed gotos 
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2008-08-18 17:21   
The problem can be worked around by by compiling the C code at -O0; it looks as
though some gcc optimisation is breaking things. This probably only affects the
asm_fast version of the compiler.

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