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0000067mercuryBugpublic2008-07-08 16:142010-07-15 16:56
Assigned Towangp 
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Summary0000067: mprof doesn't like duplicate names
Descriptionmprof aborts on duplicate names in Prof.Decl. I get the following trying to profile the compiler. Manually differentiating the duplicate mercury__do_call_closure_* names allows mprof to proceed.

% mprof
Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: map.det_insert: key already present
        Key Type: string
        Key Value: "mercury__do_call_closure_3"
        Value Type: int
Stack dump not available in this grade.
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Attached Filesbz2 Prof.tar.bz2 (311,649) 2008-07-08 16:14

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