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0000072mercuryBugpublic2008-08-02 18:162008-09-17 08:33
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Summary0000072: Erroneous reference to snprintf when compiling mercury_wrapper.c with MSVC
DescriptionThere are several several references to snprintf in mercury_wrapper.c without autoconf checks.

It seems the correct way is to add lines below at the top of the file

#if defined(MR_HAVE__SNPRINTF) && ! defined(MR_HAVE_SNPRINTF)
  #define snprintf _snprintf
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2008-09-17 08:33   
I applied three patches on 2008-09-16, one of which fixes this bug. The three patches find a 64 bit integer, detect no unistd.h when compiler flex c code and finally fixing this bug.

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