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Summary0000088: test_odbc hangs on call to SQLConnect()
DescriptionI'm running Mac OS X 10.5.5 on a PowerPC box. I have EnterpriseDB's "Postgres Plus" distro 8.3.5 installed. This means that my iODBC driver manager version is 03.52.0406.1211 and my PostgreSQL ODBC driver ( version is 08.03.0200, both as reported by iodbctest. I've created a database called "test" with a table called "test" and populated the table with some simple sample data. I've also created an ODBC DSN called "test" referring to the test DB. I've confirmed that I can access the DSN with iodbctest and select data from the "test" table that way.

I've done a complete build of all available grades of the 2008-10-19 release of Mercury on this box, as excruciating as that was. I'm now attempting to get the ODBC interface working. In my Mmakefile, I have MODBC_DRIVER=MODBC_IODBC, MODBC_DB = MODBC_SQL_SERVER (because there isn't explicit support for PostgreSQL but the MySQL support seems quite limited relative to SQL Server and PostgreSQL is more likely to be as featureful as SQL Server than as limited as MySQL), and MLLIBS=-liodbc -lpthread -ldl. At the top of the file, I've also added:

GRADEFLAGS = --debug

in order to be able to use mdb and get logging output from C functions that generate it, which, thankfully, the C functions in odbc.m do.

With this configuration, odbc_test builds fine, and I can run it under mdb and step through it. I see the list of datasources on my box:

Available data source names:
source_desc("test", "Postgres Plus ODBC Driver")

and the expected log output up to and including:

SQLAllocEnv status: 0
SQLAllocConnect status: 0
manual commit status: 0

from do_open_connection(). However, I never see a "connect status:" log entry at all, leading me to believe that SQLConnect() is never returning.

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