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0000096mercuryBugpublic2009-05-28 12:142010-01-27 17:06
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Summary0000096: some predicates parsing_utils are documented with arguments in an incorrect order.
Some documentation comments in parsing_utils don't match the actual order of the aguments of the predicate.
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For example:

    % keyword(Src, IdChars, Keyword, _, !PS) matches Keyword exactly (i.e., it
    % must not be followed by any character in IdChars) and any subsequent
    % whitespace.
  :- pred keyword(string::in, string::in, src::in, unit::out,
       ps::in, ps::out) is semidet.

Above the src argument has the third place in the type declaration (which is correct making this easy to use as a curried higher order argument to other predicates), while the documentation places this argument in the first place.
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2009-05-28 12:21   
It seems that the set module has the same problem.
2009-06-01 18:43   
For the sake of uniformity in the parsing_utils module it would be better if the
Src argument was always first (when present) -- that's what half of the predicates
in the interface of that module do anyway.

Which predicates in the set module had inconsistent documentation? I looked but
couldn't see any.
2009-06-02 17:00   

When accepting more than the four arguments (src::in, T::out, ps::in, ps::out) a predicate must put the extra arguments before the source argument. Many predicates in this module take a higher order argument with these four arguments that is semidet. Predicates who's argument lists end in exactly these four arguments can be easily curried to create higher order arguments.
2009-06-02 17:14   
Disregard my comments about the set module with regard to this bug.
2010-01-27 17:06   
Fix committed, see r1.5 of library/parsing_utils.m.

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