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0000097mercuryBugpublic2009-06-03 00:172009-06-12 15:13
Assigned Towangp 
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Summary0000097: rotd-2009-06-02 generates invalid Erlang code
DescriptionWhen compiled in the erlang grade the attached test case results in an
error message from the Erlang compiler.

$ mmc --grade erlang --make zf_erlang_bug

Making Mercury/beams/zf_erlang_bug.beam
Mercury/erls/zf_erlang_bug.erl:64: variable 'STATE_VARIABLE_IO_1_12' unsafe in 'case' (line 43)
** Error making `Mercury/beams/zf_erlang_bug.beam'.
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Attached Files? zf_erlang_bug.m (1,703) 2009-06-03 00:17

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