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Summary0000147: NaN behaviour
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Subject: NaN behaviour
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 21:02:00 +1000

The mercury standard library tends to avoid producing NaN (e.g. throwing
an exception in many places where libc would return NaN), but it's still
possible from arithmetic functions (e.g. 0.0*Inf, Inf - Inf, Inf + -Inf,
Inf / Inf), sin,cos,tan when passed infinity, and perhaps other things (I
haven't done a full search). Presumably it can also arise from using the
foreign language interface.

When NaN does arise, we have a problem that `=' (and unification) aren't
reflexive. From a logical point of view, this is a fairly serious problem.

A lesser problem is that `<' doesn't induce a total order on floats.
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