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0000266mercuryBugpublic2012-12-07 17:11
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Summary0000266: --no-warn-missing-det-decls doesn't exist
DescriptionThe documented option --no-warn-missing-det-decls doesn't exist in the implementation.
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juliensf (administrator)

The implementation hasn't existed since at least version 0.7 (and probably) before. The only
reference to it is in the user's guide. There are two possible fixes:

(1) Implement it.
(2) Delete the mention in the user's guide.

Since no-one has complained about it not working after all these years I'm leaning towards
(2). I'll make this change shortly unless I hear otherwise.


wangp (developer)

I'm not objecting particularly, but in _Determinism analysis in the Mercury compiler_ it is written:

  "However, predicates that are local to a module need not have determinism
declarations. Since these declarations are useful documentation, the compiler issues a warning if a determinism declaration is omitted, but this warning can be switched off."

Makes sense to me.

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